Saturday, January 2, 2016


I asked our listeners for contributions regarding improving 2016 overall, in public, on the web, and in general. Got some nice ideas including:

1) Not wearing pajama pants in public and having more self respect.
2) Banning the misuse of words as in, "FOR free" instead of just using, "Free!"
3)Banning, "Just Sayin'".....

and, there were others recommended as well, some via Facebook comment, some by e-mail or in personal conversation. I like them all.  

I'm going out on a limb with you, as I hit "publish to the web" on this writing. I'm risking being labeled a fool, or of wearing "rose colored glasses" or even of being "naive."  Fine. I can take that.  Some of these suggestions may seem frivolous, some may hit home with you, some may mean nothing, but here's just the beginning of my general list  that I believe would help our culture in any new or future year to improve itself, or maybe get back on track:

Meet the speed of traffic when merging on the highway. It's an "acceleration" lane.

(For Corporate America)  Stop the disclaimers! Especially if longer than the products' description in your commercials. If the product's that bad, DON'T sell it, and for God's sake, consumers:  DON'T buy it.

To Local TV stations: Put people back in your "booth" that can turn on mics, preview the shots of live anchors, and give us a solid product. 

Also for TV: when you cut to a local commercial and back to network, make it smooth, don't show us any of the commercial we aren't supposed to see.

Be polite and let someone into traffic on the highway who is attempting to merge. If there's room, move over and let them on, then move back! 

Find a way to properly dispose of that fruitcake you got at Christmas, not in a landfill. (It takes fifty years to begin to decompose, we're told.)

To the Radio industry:   Be better than you were last year, or the year before. Buying up your competition hasn't worked, and the debt is real.  instead, just try to air some good radio that someone may actually want to listen-to! 

Teach young kids the alphabet and how to  read, write, and do real math before you shove tablets in their faces.   Elementary-age kids don't need to be "connected"as much as they need to  be kids so they grow up dreaming, stretching their minds, creating and knowing the REAL world, with REAL social interaction.

Stop buying electronic junk made in China and look for well-made "real" electronics, not throwaway stuff.  It's out there. Might be at garage sales and thrift stores, but it's there!  I refer to radios, stereos, clocks, you get the idea. SOME new things are built well for long-life, but there are few. At least do your homework. Try not to buy junk.

Cut back on being "politically correct" and instead, express yourself (in a polite manner) without fear. 


Ban words like "selfie" from your usage, along with "like" and "social media." How about instead we all BE social, use our LANGUAGE better, and to like LIFE instead of a screen. 

Look beyond your smartphone camera to actually SEE and enjoy the event you're photographing. Don't miss it! It's probably important to someone that you SEE it!

Fast food restaurants: Get rid of the automated recordings that greet you before you place your order. The instant "sex change" of the person on the intercom is disconcerting.

Try holding the door for the ladies, guys!  If they're offended, oh well. You did a polite thing and proved there's still GENTLEMEN in public.

SHUT OFF YOUR DARN CELLPHONE MESSAGING during dinners and visits to others.  You're not that important.

PRAY.  It can't hurt.  Even a short one on the way to the mailbox and back. If you're afraid to call it prayer, then look up and just start talking to God like you would anyone else. 

Use a little common sense this winter. We live in Michigan. We GET snow.  We GET winter. This is NOT new to the upper Midwest.

Reduce your usage or get OFF Facebook, and if you can't do that, then agree to NEVER use it to hurt someone!  I'm reducing my use, and aiming to use it to point people to other places, as an announcement media, more than a "read me" media.

Get the bloodsucking lawyer ads off of TV. The lawyers to which I refer are the bigshot ones that ADVERTISE how you can screw your fellow man for more than you thought you could.

Cut down on your intake of bad news. Read "" now and then, and if you have streaming TV in your home, look for something to watch that makes you happier, not having to do with murder, lying, and corporate bullying. You may find this changes your outlook in a positive way.

Take a day now and then to BE local. Even if you don't buy a thing...drop in to local shops, talk to the owners, and their shoppers. When was the last time you had a conversation with a stranger in a local store? I do it quite often when I'm visiting WION advertisers and I meet their customers.

Simplify your life.  Get rid of "stuff" you don't use anymore. Either you'll have to move it yourself someday, or someone else will have to sell it at your estate sale, why not simplify your ownership of STUFF, and....simplify all you CAN in your daily life?

There's so many more things that will occur to me as 2016 begins and the usual routines continue.  Maybe you've got some ideas to add to my list.....Please DO! 

Maybe you have a comment, and that's okay, too. 

The bottom line is, whether you like, dislike, agree or disagree with all the above, it doesn't change a thing...I'm still going to believe in what I wrote, and it's up to you to try very hard to make your corner of the world a bit better in 2015 in your own way.

Start small. Hold that door. Look at someone in the eye instead of looking down when walking on our streets. You'll get the hang of it. It gets easier, the more you become real.

We now return you to your virtual world...with HOPE you'll act-on your own list.

Happy 2016 to all.


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