Saturday, December 22, 2018

Christmas Traditions

I'm writing this as I enjoy Randy Edwards' 3 hour Christmas special of "Edwards' Archives." For me, that program is a tradition.  Long before it was "Edwards' Archives", Randy would devote the last day before Christmas on his country-station morning show to be all Christmas music. I remember listening while wrapping gifts in my small apartment in Addison, MI to WLZZ when I was only a part-time announcer for WLKI in Angola, IN...and was full time on the air from Hillsdale doing evenings.  As you can imagine, it's a real pleasure to be able to bring you this special by Randy each year on WION.

That's just one  "radio" tradition.  The WION Christmas Eve show has become one for many people that stop by the station to wish neighbors and friends a Merry Christmas.  We enjoy that one very much.

For Five years, WION reproduced the 1939 radio script of "A Christmas Carol" and those shows are now favorites of those who starred in them and their families.

In my family, one Christmas tradition was to ask Santa to leave one present on the foot of the bed each year, and it was always the first gift opened on Christmas morning. I can remember also that one "family" gift was allowed to be opened, if my sister and I begged enough on Christmas Eve. Santa seemed to never mind the bother of putting one gift on the foot of our beds, and what a smile it was every Christmas morning in our youth.

My father always had a house with a fireplace, growing up and when he built his own in the 1950's and started our family.  On Christmas, the fire was always started with the "yule log" of the previous year.  While this may  not be true to the original meaning of "yule log" what it meant to us was that after Christmas, the tree was pruned, branches removed and the trunk cut into a small bundle which was then burned the following Christmas, starting the Christmas fire.

What are some of your Christmas traditions?  Simple or complex, let us know!  We'll talk some about this on our Christmas Eve show this year, 6-10AM (ish) on WION's morning show with Phil Cloud and a cast of many.  Chime in!  and...from everyone who makes this radio station possible...

Merry Christmas from WION!