Saturday, March 30, 2013

I'm Truly Amazed!

...At the incredible response to our little AM Stereo radio station in the "Internet world."

Let me rewind.

People who know me and know Ionia, also know that I often write about WION, the radio station that my team resurrected in 2004 and proudly operate today. It was just February 1st of this year when we began internet streaming, on the actual 60th birthday of WION's debut. (1953 if you don't want to do the math.  We even stream a format that many stations are capable-of, but is rather rare, (AM stereo!) Give the stream a listen!  The sound is amazing. Streaming is one of the biggest and most positive things we've done!  (well, there was the bigger AM signal, our 24/7 operation of the station,  and  the addition of the FM signal) 

If you haven't done-so yet, or lately.....go to our station's website. Then, check out the link on the left, lower side of the page in "Contests and Fun"  You'll find a google map of our documented online listeners. These listeners and locations don't get posted until they've been tuned in for either a documented amount of time (no "just passing thru listeners here) or visit our stream repeatedly. The link still exists on the FAQ page, but we thought we'd bring it out front and show-off a little bit!

What really amazes me, is that in a day where almost everything is either instantly available to the listener/consumer, and the selection of entertainment is so wide, that so many people in SO many places are coming back-to and finding our little station for their 'net enjoyment! Stop and think for a moment.....would these people be looking at Ionia, Michigan anyway?  Some yes, but many, no!  Some may be family of people still here. Some may be transplants, but many who have written us simply say they like what we do with radio, since it's so "un-corporate" and unique to the industry these days.

I find myself even listening on the web. Because a convenient little "internet radio" makes it easy to enjoy FM, the internet stations & podcasts, and the content of my sansa fuze mp3 player! 

So, each time I see new towns on our listening map,  I'm always GRATEFUL and then AMAZED, but ultimately PROUD of our station and that it gets chosen by so many in so many far away places.

I'm also proud of our TEAM at the station. Most listeners will never meet the entire support staff, from sales and production to those who bring coffee, clean the station, surprise us with meals, and generally help keep our 'balance' (to use the word "balance"  loosely, given we're all "radio people.") 

Your tuning-in on the web is a huge compliment to us all.......and each of our listening towns across Michigan, the Nation, and the world, we say, "thank you...."

Drop us a line when you can, wherever you listen, and let's make sure YOU'RE on our map!

Oh, and by the way, even though I am not a fan of facebook for the high price users pay in privacy for this "free" service, if you're one of those "gotta have facebook" people, the station has an official "fan" page now,  but...if you found this blog, you know the most recent updates to our information reside on our own website, and at our forum!

From "America's Biggest Little Radio Station"
(named by our good friends at 

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